Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 6: A Fun Friday at the Gallery and a photowalk at the Garden of Eden

Friday brought with it a visit to the Thought Pyramid Art Gallery and a Phtowalk at a garden in Maitama. The group was led by our very own PhotoPower Consultant, Taye.

The day started with a visit by the volunteers to the orphanage in Gishiri, the beneficiaries were all ready and looking dashing and pretty. The group then were handed their Photopower Nigeria Identification cards and orderly entered the bus. The group then proceeded orderly to the Thought Pyramid Art Gallery in Wuse II Abuja who were gracious enough to host Photopower and have on display the work of one of the photographers working with Photopower, Godswill.

On arriving at the art gallery the group was shown around the artwork on display including paintings and sculpture all in a bid to inspire them and wet their artistic appetites. After a lovely tour of the gallery, Godswill introduced the young men and women to his work on display and proceeded to explain the meanings behind the photos and fielded questions from the beneficiaries. It was an exciting session.

With this burst of inspiration, the group proceeded to a garden in Maitama which was also a botanical garden. The photowalk took place in the garden in the presence of nature to help inspire creativity in the beneficiaries and also so they can have some fun. The pictures are below

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