Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 3: Camera Function and 1st Photowalk

Students in class
Simi playing out a demo for the beneficiaries

On day 3, Tuesday July 31st the able volunteers and one of the photographers, Simi came to the orphanage for a class on the functions of a camera, The class as usual started with a prayer. The class was to be an interactive one as each row of beneficiaries was given a camera or two in addition to a handout that detailed and labeled each part of the camera. Uncle Simi as he was referred to by the beneficiaries gave a crash course on camera parts and their function, he used his camera as a live prop and beckoned to the young men and women to look to their cameras and identify the same parts on their own cameras. This was followed by a Q&A session where Simi asked the young men and women questions about what they had just learnt while
they also asked him questions to clarify a few things about the parts of the camera and their functions.


The class session was followed by refreshments and then a brief game outside to get the young men and women excited. The group then proceeded to go on a photowalk in the area surrounding the orphanage. The young men and women were given cameras and put in groups to take pictures and the larger group walked around. Eventually Emeka, a filmmaker and photographer who came to document the project on that day took charge and intiated a game of 15 steps which involved the whole group taking 15 steps and once the 15 steps were done they would have 20 seconds to look around and take pictures.

Emeka getting footage for the film documentary of Photo

The young men and women took many lovely and beautiful pictures. The day ended with a walk back to the orphanage where the volunteers bid the young men and women goodbye and went to rest for the following day.

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