Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 4: Reflections

On Wednesday the 1st day of August 2012, the august group met once again. This time it was to discuss and learn about reflections. No not the one that stares back at you from the mirror but metaphorically close. The subject of today's lesson was how to put meaning behind photography and taking pictures. The session was led by Yinka and Daniella and involved a look at a particular picture that were taken the previous day.

Yinka's session involved an interactive sheet given to the beneficiaries which had different questions pertaining to the picture that was taken the previous day. They were told to fill it and each person was told to share their thoughts on the picture as regards the subject, the composition of the photo, the type of photo and so on. The person who took the photo amongst them was also told to share her thoughts on the photo and reasons why she took the photo as well as her answers to the questions. This was to show how behind any professional work of photography there was a meaning.

Daniella's session involved a look at photos taken by various people. The young men and women were asked to try and decipher and understand the meaning behind the various photos and also identify the subject and composition of each photo. This resulted in a discussion on the various meaning of the photos and helped everyone to see how a photo ca have different meanings and significance to various people.

The lesson helped show the beneficiaries that photography was beyond just taking pictures but also required some reflection on the meaning behind each work and the reason for taking the photo. They were advised to reflect and try and gauge their reasoning behind taking a particular photo before taking it. This was what separated utilitarian photography (photography  for the sake of its usefulness in documenting memories), hobby photography and the art of photography.

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